Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Separation of Heavy Isotopes by using ICR (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) Method    M.Sc.    Pourahmadian, Naghmeh    0000-00-00
2    Influence of Hydrophobic side chains on aromatic imidazole ring of Histidine acidity: A Theoretical study            0000-00-00
3    The detection of explosive materials hidden in shallow water, using the gamma-rays of 192Ir source            0000-00-00
4    Structural and Stability Studies of Nitrile hydratase Enzyme in aqueous and ionic liquid enviroment; A Theoretical and Experimental approach            0000-00-00
5    design of new flourescense based aptamer biosensor for masearing cloleromphenicol in milk samples            0000-00-00
6    Calculation the Effeciency of HPGe Detector for Photons in the Region of 1 KeV to 10 MeV Using MCNP Code    M.Sc.    RASOULI, alireza    2011-03-14
7    Study and optimization of a well-logging tool using FLUKA Monte-Carlo code and comparison with experimental data and another code result.    M.Sc.    rasoulinezhad, mahdi    2011-03-14
8    Dissapation Mechanisms in Multibubble Dynamics    Ph.D    Massah, Hamidreza    2011-05-02
9    Assessment and Evaluation of Nuclear Interactions and Relative Biological Effectiveness in Carbon ion Therapy    Ph.D    Ebrahimi, Mahdy    2011-05-24
10    Determination of the parameters of the PGNAA system and optimization    Ph.D    PANJEH, HAMED    2011-10-22
11    Calculation the effeciency of BF3 counter for polyenergetic neutrons using the MCNP code, and its comparison with theoretical responses based on the theoritical relationships    M.Sc.    akbari moghaddam kakhki, zahra    2012-04-30
12    calculation of delayed gama neutron activation suitable foils by MCNP, and comparison with experimental data.    M.Sc.    mozaffari, vagiheh    2012-04-30
13    Calculation of dose distribution from beta and gamma rays of I-131 in thyroid cells    M.Sc.    owlady, somayye    2012-04-30
14    Dose Calculation of Samarium Radiopharmaceutical in the leg bone model    M.Sc.    razghandi, fatemeh    2012-12-17
15    Computational Design of Radiation Based Level Gage and its Validation by Experimental Measurements    M.Sc.    rezayi eshratabad, mohsen    2013-01-16
16    Calculation the neutron diffusion length in moderator media using the MCNP code , and its comparison with experimental measurements    M.Sc.    arhami, sare    2014-06-10
17    Evaluation of Secondary neutron and photon doses in proton therapy of prostate cancer    M.Sc.    Taghizadeh, Gholam hosein    2014-09-23
18    Comparison of dose due to electrons and light ions in the treatment of skin cancer    M.Sc.    sobhanizade, tayebe    2015-02-15
19    Providing computer code to determine the integral and differential worth of control rods in the nuclear reactor    M.Sc.    Betanjberah, Reihaneh    2015-10-12
20    Calculate the amount of tritium in a nuclear power plant and study of isolation methods    M.Sc.    mejri foroushan, hamed    2016-07-10
21    Computational determination of neutron angular distribution yield of Li-7(p,n)Be-7 interaction, at different projectile energy and its comparison with some accessible experimental measurements    M.Sc.    besharat, hossein    2017-01-16
22    soil moisture measurement using the angular distribution of scattered neutrons    M.Sc.    ghaemifard, masoud    2017-08-19
23    A GATE Monte Carlo simulation studies on the response of organic scintillators when exposed to neutron-gamma mixed fields and comparison with experimental data    Ph.D    aliannezhadi, maryam    2017-10-09
24    Physico-chemical study of the interaction between the aptamer and the gold nanoparticles in the presence/absence of the ionization radiation    M.Sc.    firouzi, mojtaba    2018-04-21
25    Monte Carlo calculation of the neutron flux in a reactor unit cell and comparison results with analytical results in equivalent cell    M.Sc.    Gharehbaghi, Mohammad sadegh    2018-04-28
26    The effect of neutron radiation on activity of urease    M.Sc.    khakzad, sheyda    2018-06-02